- E’ Tempo di Diventare Liberi -

In cooperation with the VERITAS Association which safeguards the freedom and Rights of Man, NetworkVeritas was born with the aim of spreading knowledge and peace, offering its subscribers a great opportunity for financial independence through ethical profit.

What we offer

Perhaps not everyone knows that we’re “used” to paying taxes simply out of habit and that we can “not pay” them, without breaking a single law. For example, we all certainly perceive that it’s an absurd abuse to have to pay the RAI TV fee as part of the electric bill, but only a few have actually stopped doing so because they found out about the VERITAS Association, that in a completely legal and legitimate way, allows them to not pay these absurd taxes they don’t owe.

- Services -

NetworkVeritas, as the only official distributor of the VERITAS Association, offers the following Services to its Subscribers:

Ticket Rejection

Dispute and quash any Ticket you receive, with the exception of those deriving from speed traps with observed speeds of more than 40 km/hour over the maximum limit and those deriving from infractions causing any level of damage to third parties.

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Road Tax & RAI TV Fee

You’ll be able to subscribe to the Road Tax & RAI TV Fee

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Tax Collection Files

You’ll be able to subscribe to the Tax Collection Files

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- Testimonials -

Since 2012, the Founders of the VERITAS Association have been successful in helping many people. Here are some “historic” testimonials that made us decide to create the constitution of the VERITAS Association: